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Raised Bar Supported by Stone Backsplash

We recently completed a kitchen remodel where the old laminate countertops supported the raised bar using the backsplashes.  There was not a wall to support the raised bar.

We designed and executed the solution displayed below – using stone and steel to provide a stable platform for the raised bar.  Just one more example of what the skilled team at Signature Stone can do for you!

Mascarello, Typhoon Bordeaux and New Venetian Gold

We recently took delivery of three special stones. Mascarello was selected by one of our clients for an upcoming bathroom remodel. It is a striking color containing cream, brown and grey accents.



We also received some lovely Typhoon Bordeaux. It has great red and cream tones.

Typhoon Bordeaux

Typhoon Bordeaux

And finally, we got a bundle of wonderful New Venetian Gold with gold and creamy tones.

New Venetian Gold

New Venetian Gold

Please call us today and lets see how we can turn your granite dreams into reality!

Honed Virginia Mist Counters with Custom Bar Supports

Signature Stone recently completed a set of counters out of honed Virginia Mist granite with a quarter-round edge profile. The counters and raised bar were custom shaped to emulate the curved walls of the kitchen. The raised bar is supported by custom-fabricated stainless steel posts for a clean, contemporary look. The slideshow below gives a great overview of the project.

Signature Stone is ready to help you achieve your design dreams in your home. Please call our facility in Toano, Virginia to have any of your questions answered or to get your project started.

Sunflower – February 2011 Stone of the Month

Signature Stone has begun a program where we are highlighting a different stone each month and Sunflower is our first selection. It is an attractive stone with warm golden tones and a lot of interest.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any other stone.



Honed White Carrera Countertops with Laminated Edges

We just completed an exciting project using honed white Carrera marble for a kitchen in Williamsburg. It features an ogee edge on the surround of the kitchen and a laminated edge on the island and raised bar consisting of an ogee edge over a demi-bullnose edge. Please enjoy the video below of this very impressive kitchen!

What’s the most popular countertop?

This is an interesting article from Yahoo! Finance about current trends in the countertop industry. Enjoy!

Sealing Natural Stone

“How often does my granite need to be sealed?”

I can’t tell you how often I get asked that question. The short answer is “It depends.” As with most natural products, stone properties such as density, porosity and hardness vary widely.

At the end of every installation process, we perform a final application of a high quality impregnating sealer to your stone. This sealer should be good for 2-4 years. Impregnators protect against staining by making the stone surface repel water and oil. By keeping water and oils out of the stone surface, these sealers prevent most staining or simplify stain removal. After treatment, natural stone surfaces including granite, marble, slate and other stones are easier to maintain and will retain their beautiful appearance for many years.

The simplest way to test the sealer on your countertops is to drop a little water on them.  If it beads up on the surface and doesn’t soak in – you’re good to go.  This indicates the sealer is still effective and working properly.  If it completely soaks in within a few minutes, you’re due for another application of sealer.  Please contact us and we’ll get you further instructions for resealing.

Sealing is not a case where a little is good so more must be better.  We’ve been called out to homes where the counters were sealed monthly.  At some point, the stone cannot absorb any more sealer and it begins to dry on the surface, leaving behind a sticky mess.  Cleaning up that mess requires solvent and lot of elbow grease.

Cosmos Installation

We had the pleasure of installing this lovely set of countertops in Kingsmill this week. They were fabricated out of Cosmos with a pencil edge.

 Cosmos is an exotic stone (schist) from Brazil that is characterized by dark veins mixed with sparkling mica and white/orange quartz inclusions. This particular lot has some attractive aquamarine inclusions as well.